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Creamy Beet Top and Roasted Parsnip Risotto (vegan)

I basically did exactly what I did with the asparagus and leek risotto, but with the stalks from my beet greens instead of leeks, and roasted parsnips instead of asparagus.  Therefore, it is PINK.  nbd.  (Side note: whenever I make carrot top soup or put beet or turnip greens in something, I feel like a pioneer eating the whole animal.  This brings me great satisfaction.)  Onward!

pink risotto

Creamy Beet Top and Roasted Parsnip Risotto (vegan)

1 med parsnip

1 bu beet greens (with or without leaves, depending on if we’ve had the salad talk yet)

olive oil

1/2 c arborio rice

1/2 vegan bouillon cube (or 1 1/2 c whatever broth you have)

1 1/2 T flour

1/2 c soy milk

pepper, salt, duh

shaved parmesan (which probably won’t be vegan)

walnuts (an hour later I remembered this garnish idea, hence not in photo…)

1 btl Red Wine

Pre-heat oven (or toaster oven) to 375.  Cut your parsnip into a few pieces that are evenly sized.  Sometimes the top is much wider than the bottom, which makes even cooking impossible, so I just cut mine into three pieces, but you could also make matchsticks if you like.  Brush with olive oil, light salt and pepper.  Open bottle of wine.  Roast for about thirty minutes, maybe less (depending on thickness) until fork tender/edible.

Wash your beet greens/stalks off and then chop into one inch pieces (remembering that these should be appropriately sized for face).  Saute on low/med heat in olive oil for a few minutes, until sizzling.  The oil in the pan will turn a little pink, it’ll be fun.*  Add a cup or so of broth made from your bouillon and hot water, keep heat on low.

In a separate small saucepan heat 1T of oil or butter, add flour and stir, heating briefly.  No burny!  Whisk in soy milk.  This step is most tricky, as just wishing for not lumps is not usually effective.  Do your best.  After a couple minutes of stirring over low heat and wondering if next time it’ll be different (it won’t) add this mixture to your beet stalks and broth, stirring constantly.**  At this point I added the rice I had already made, stirred well and basically just re-heated/softened the rice.  

Dice your parsnip into pieces and add to the pan, stirring.  Plate or bowl your food, pepper if you like (but in this case, I’d taste test the parsnip first, as it’s a peppery little guy on its own), shave some parmesan on there, and sprinkle with some walnut pieces!

Risotto is ready for face!  Enjoy.

*(If you’re a normal person, you’ll not have made rice in your fridge.  Unless normal people get Chinese take-out?  Regardless: you will here add arborio rice and saute it together with the leek for a few minutes.  The rice should darken a shade or two, but not burn or pop or do anything undesirable.  You’ll add your broth or bouillon dissolved in hot water a half cup at a time, stirring often, til the rice is cooked and everything looks great.  Extra liquid may be required, and that’s ok)

**(If you’re a normal person, there will also be cooked rice in the pan.  I imagine that adding the “cream” at any stage of cooking the rice would be fine, but maybe the last time you add broth it’s actually a mixture of broth and the cream stuff so that it’s easier to incorporate evenly.