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Sungold Tomato Sauce

And they said it couldn’t be done.  Most sauces are annoying cause you have to skin the tomatoes, but I sure as hell* wasn’t going to skin a hundred baby tomates, so instead we have this.  Basically, this works if you like chunky sauce and tomato skins don’t bother you.  And it works well.  I had an overabundance of yellow grape tomatoes from my most recent CSA pickup, as well as a bunch of other relevant items, and I thought about how opening your freezer to summer tomato sauce in the fall is kind of the best, so I’m gonna do it.  You can, too!

Sungold Tomato Sauce

pasta and kale

1lb sungold cherry tomatoes

1 head garlic

1 onion

2 stalks celery

1 green pepper

2 small carrots

1/4c basil leaves

herbs de provence

salt n pepa

First!  Oven or toaster oven to 400.  Drizzle garlic cloves (skin on) with olive oil, double wrap in foil, and stick in there.  Cut all your tomatoes in half and fill a little pyrex (or whatever you wanna roast em in) and toss with some olive oil, salt, and pepper.  These went into the 400 degree oven for something like twenty minutes.  they start looking like this:


and when they’re done they’ll look like this:


The garlic is done when you squeeze the foil (which will be hot, remember) and it’s soft, 40ish minutes.

Everything else (onion, carrots, pepper, celery) gets chopped finely and put in a pan with 1-2T olive oil until the carrots are tender enough for a food processor.  Add the basil and herbs a few minutes before transferring the vegetable mixture and roasted garlic to a cuisinart.  Blend!

Then put it all in a saucepan to combine!  End result:


Top photo is with pasta and kale!  So easy, I made it twice.  

*This idiom is especially apt, as hell isn’t sure, and I’m prone to taking on needlessly time consuming and tedious projects.  This time I didn’t.