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Home Fries+

These are pretty.  And sweet!  And spicy!  Found an errant beet and sweet potato, and made breakfast.  More color = better.  All the time.  I dunno if this qualifies as a recipe post or a gloat post, but here it is.

Home Fries+

Home Fries+

1 small onion

5 keuka gold potatoes

1 sweet potato

1 beet

three jalapenos (I seeded half of them)

three or four sundried tomatoes

a clove of garlic

Sauteed onion a few minutes, added sliced potatoes and beet cooked over medium heat, pan covered for a few minutes, stirred every so often so that most things had a chance to brown a little.  Added soy sauce (1t, 2t?) heat on low, and covered so that the potatoes could cook.  Added sliced jalapenos, sundried tomato chiffonade, pressed garlic, sauteed with heat a little higher and then done.

Winter Vegetable Soup with Crumbled Pecans

OK, OK.  I’m going to allow a moment of delusion and say I’m sorry.  I know you all have been waiting for a long time, not eating until I got around to posting something for you to make to eat.  So…I guess I’ll need to try to find new subscribers, cause there’s no way you’ve survived this blog drought.

I’ve been making food, and sometimes I’ve taken photos of it, but I’ve been avoiding this corner of the internet for unknown reasons.  I will post these photos and I will try to remember how I made the food in them over the next couple weeks.  ”Promise.”

Word of warning: when it gets cold, I make a lot of blended soups.

Winter Vegetable Soup with Crumbled Pecans

Winter Vegetable Soup

2 sweet potatoes

1 large carrot

1 apple

1/2 medium onion

2 cloves garlic

1-2 jalapenos

1T butter

salt, pepper

Wash and peel your vegetables and apple, and then cut everything to a pretty uniform size.  1/4 inch slices would do just fine.  Or chunk it.  Your call.

Sweat your chopped onion, garlic, and jalapeno (seeded) in butter for 5-10 min on  medium heat, stirring.  Add sweet potato, carrot, and apple.  Add spices you might like.  I added curry powder and turmeric and black pepper and salt.  You might want to go to the cumin/chili powder/pepper/salt route?  I don’t know.  I don’t know you very well.  Stir these things around and then add some mild veg stock or just plain water until everything is almost covered.  I think it was like…three cups.  I forgot to measure for you.  But mostly just keep in mind that you’re blending it later so too watery isn’t great, but you can always leave some liquid out of the blending process or just put the blended soup back in the pot to simmer it down (, now).

So, bring your pot to a boil, turn the heat down, cover that sucker, and let things cook.  15 minutes is probably a reasonable time, maybe a little longer.  Just waiting for the veggies to be fork tender and ready to blend.  I like to taste the soup when it’s still in the blender to check the salt level, etc, as the blender is way better at incorporating extra values of sprinkly things than my arm + spoon.

Dish up, throw some pecans (or walnuts? or blue cheese? or kettle chips?) on there, turn the flash off before you take the last picture your batteries will be alive for (blast!) and enjoy.